The handmade Vinylino bow ties are surprisingly made of vinyl and we use different textiles for the knot and the strap. This really means that we are polishing the Vinylino over our dining table. While tailoring, I also stuck myself several times with the needle but luckily for you, I am not Sleeping Beauty. The two of us behind the brand have been friends since kindergarten. We hope, we will not change our mind about our friendship and  won’t start killing each other over our business now. The idea (and the brand as well) of the Vinylino is the outcome of many sleepless nights (you know how it goes, when you have a couple of drinks – fröccs* in our case– with your friends, you always have those world changing ideas). BUT back to business: the majority of our materials are recycled. We have actually found them in (spacious) attics but put your mind at ease, we did   not use the first editions of the Beatles. The quality of the textiles are indeed first-class. Actually, some of them got acquired on our trip at the Buckingham Palace, but psst! do not tell the Queen. Our first collection consists of eight distinctive shapes and for the knots we have a selection of six different textiles. The distinctive shapes are named after the most brilliant musicians like Kodály or Bowie. We chose girls to be our models because they are definitely hotter than our male friends.

*fröccs= wine with sparkling water, it is as popular in Hungary as beer