• Mozart

    The marriage of the Vinylino

    The little Mozart was quite unfortunate. He already had troubles whenever someone asked him his name: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. This situation usually greatly distressed him, so his mother tried to comfort him with Mary's little lamb. Mostly his mother succeeded and our little Mozart’s mood quickly improved. It is not such a well-known fact but his first improvisation was inspired by Baa, Baa, schwarze sheep.


  • Chopin

    The most classical classic

    We spotted him in a little chapel in Mallorca. The famous composer loved hiding from the world. While trying to hide, he dressed up in a flawless suit– and of course strictly accompanied by a bow tie! – then ordered a zeppelin and flew to a mysterious island. When the fog spread, the old Chopin retreated to that very sacred little chapel and popped up a bag of Krówka. He kept eating until it glued his mouth together while he was playing the Nocturne on a loop.


  • Kodály

    The vinylino is for everybody!

    I was nineteen when my classmate, Sarah (not me!) missed the Saturday dance. Later we found out that in just a flash, she got married to Zoltán Kodály n that very Saturday, (when our school dance took place, was their wedding reception.) The young bridegroom was 77 and do you know what did he wear around his neck? Any guess? Come on, I know that You exactly know it.


  • Piaf

    Chat Noir

    After the snake-charmer comes Madame Edith. She was a frail looking girl but her voice was already breath-taking. I cannot decide what should be thanked for her astonishing voice, whether the unimaginable complexity of the French language or her magnificent performance on stage… but wait for a second, I have already forgotten why I wanted to drive by drop in tothe Chanel store. Anyway, this does’nt matter anymore, I am completely sure they will not have a Vinylino.


  • Mercury

    His moustache. Think of his moustache!

    1986. The year when so many wonders happened. Besides the fact that two geniuses had been born in the hospital of Szentes, Farrah Bulsara came to realize that he got fed up with fooling around, so he decided, he is going to grow the perfect moustache, since he wanted to bring his most exquisite performance to Budapest. We cannot be grateful enough for that, Freddie! We are proudly wearing the copy of his iconic moustache ever since and we know that you don’t want to be left out of this magical experience.


  • Prince

    Perfectly matching the jabot

    We were drinking coffee on the bank of the Mississippi when I spotted the new Price poster with a glance at the window of the record shop. The guy wore his vinyl bow tie to his jabot shirt with such pride that I couldn’t restrain myself from running over and sketching its shape quickly on the grease-proof paper what was under my cheesecake. THIS is it.


  • Jackson

    Perfect with your crystal glove

    Three of them sat on the bench, the three Michael. Mr. Knight, who was pleading with his watch, just like someone would beg the goldfish to grant his wishes; Mr. Jordan, who was wondering if it isn’t too late to pursue a professional baseball career; and the king of them, Michael a.k.a Michael Jackson. This guy was searching for his half pair of gloves, the one with the crystals.


  • Bowie

    The lightning bolt

    It was completely clear for us that the good old Lightning bolt deserves to get his own vinyl bow tie. Its coolness can also be seen from the outer space.


Collection 2016/2017

made in budapest