Why the Vinylino?

Bow tie is farfallino in Italian. Is this enough or should I tell stories about the Italian guys’ impeccable style and the unmistakable intonation of the Italian language?

Why is this good?

Because it IS KUUUUL, unique and you can tell yourself that your very own vinyl bow tie is made from Michael Jackson’s Bad and not from the second edition of „Hungarian songs from György Korda”.

Why is this NOT good?

Because you need to own your look. Anyway, you can combine it with black tie or a simple Lumberjack shirt, whatismore we can recommend you the perfectly matching Vinylino for (your) socks-sandal outfit but please wear it with pride!

Why  should you buy it?

Because as you already know by heart: You shall not steal. Also, we have tried to pay for our weekly grocery run with a smile but honestly, they did not appreciate it, we have no idea why. So, in order to save us from further humiliation, please hit the purchase button because unluckily, we do not accept your pretty smile as a payment.

Why is it a must-have for your girlfriend?

Just look at our pictures. I think I shouldn’t keep explaining how sexy your girlfriend could be while wearing our bow tie. And you know what is sexier than a girl? Two girls! So, let’s just addtwo to your cart instead of one. If your girlfriend by any chance is a topless DJ, with our Vinylino you could swiftly remind the crowd of her profession’s origin.

Where do we get our vinyl from?

From literally everywhere. From Flea markets, grandmas, buddies, buddies’ grandmas, from our kid’s kindergarten teacher etc. We have been harassing everyone in our environment for the last few months. You can guess, they INSANELY <3 us!

What kind of records do we use?

We are carefully going through every shipment. We are trying to use only the ones in a good condition but since we are only mere mortals, we can still make mistakes. This can manifest in small scratches on our Vinylino. We could throw these ones out but as you know, there could be a story behind every single scratch (for example: Mom in 1968 mistook the vinyl for a cutting board). So please, be creative and be glad about your unique scratches!

Why is the Vinylino so expensive?

The vinyl in its natural form is difficult to find. You think now, why haven’t we tried to make it from  something else like… beer? Believe us during our development process (where we failed only 1000times), we came to a certain point where we thought beer would be more sufficient —because there is a lot of it and you can find it at every corner—but it would still leave a stain on your shirt. More surprisingly, our cutting process does not take place in our bathroom with a nail-cutter.  Right now, we hope we have found our most loyal companion, the perfect cutting tool: the diamond head. So, from 40-50 Vinylinos you will be able to scratch off enough diamond for an engagement ring.

What are the dimensions of the Vinylino?

It is as big as a usual bow tie but if you need more exact numbers, Maacho will be more than happy to provide these numbers for you. The neck part is an elastic strap, so it is adjustable, so I am sure it will perfectly fit your neck.

What about the wrapping?

Your Vinylino is going to arrive in a square paper box, which will smoothly remind you of how vinyl was originally packed. We are wrapping every bow tie in tissue paper, so it will rustle while you are unpacking it.

How cool are we?

We are the coolest ever. Not joking.

Can I ask inessential questions?

We are indeed requiring you to do so, therefore please start typing your e-mail and send it right away  to us: info@thevinylino.com .